5 Year Pro-Forma Budget
Originally published: 04/03/2020 08:02
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5 Year Pro-Forma Budget

5 Year Financial Plan Template with Interactive Dashboard

The 5 Year Financial Plan Template can be used in six different ways.

1) As a tool to analyze financial performance in growth, cost margins and profitability.

2) As a template to produce a single year budget emphasizing performance presenting up to four prior historical years.

3) To produce a five year pro forma budget or plan highlighting growth, cost margins and profitability.

4) As a combo template, where a five year span can display a combination for historical (actualized) year results and projected financial amounts.

5) For company presentations to ownership and management teams.

6) As a continuous forecasting tool where data can quickly be analyzed. This is critical for proactively adjusting to business conditions and continually monitoring financial performance.

P&L actuals and projections by month are input on one single P&L template tab. The P&L lines within segments can be expanded or closed as needed, as only the segment totals display on the dashboard.

The dashboard displays financial data with growth and margins by year and include graphs for revenue, profitability and expense trends.

The dashboard includes interactive drop downs that display P&L data by selected year by month.
Two years comparative data by month can also be selected for a graphed view.

This template will let you quickly plan for the road ahead and drive business decisions to optimal financial performance!

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