The Best Excel Shortcuts
Originally published: 31/01/2020 09:16
Last version published: 08/02/2020 12:25
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The Best Excel Shortcuts

A one page PDF with the best & most useful Microsoft Excel Shortcuts.

Save time using Excel shortcuts!

Here is a one-pager of the best shortcuts organised into the following task areas:
* Input / Edit
* Navigate
* Calculate (when calculation option is set to manual)
* Copy and paste, insert and delete
* Find, mark and hide
* Format
* Other

In each case, I tell you the shortcut key combination, a short description of the action it performs plus an additional description or comments, where relevant. Because the list is organised into task areas, you can quickly find what you need. Some other lists of shortcuts I have seen are just that - simply lists containing many shortcuts which are not organised into tasks areas, so finding what you need is very difficult and I find many of the listed shortcuts are not so useful in daily work. Use my list and you can focus on the essentials. That's efficient!

I recommend you print the sheet out and keep it on your desk to refer to. Set yourself the goal of learning and practicing one or two per week to make them part of your daily work. Then perhaps mark the ones you have learnt with a highlighter pen to show your progress. That should help motivate you :-)

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