OneClick Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue in Python
Originally published: 13/03/2019 15:33
Publication number: ELQ-32256-1
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OneClick Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue in Python

OneClick Monte Carlo python script to simulate Revenue for a firm

The aim of the OneClick series is to help finance professionals with no or minimal programming background to expedite financial modeling and analysis tasks with less time and efforts.

The traditional way of establishing Monte Carlo simulation is the spreadsheet which requires repetition of the same tasks and bit labor-intensive and time-consuming. The python template aims to speed up the process with better precision.

1. Upload the template in Microsoft Azure notebook account. (it's free and easy to set up if you don't have one),
2. Load a CSV data file, it does not matter if the file is a few rows or multi-million rows,
3. Decide the number of iterations required,
4. Go to "Cell" in the top menu bar and Click "Run All", that's it!
5. Scroll down to see the Results and short reports,
5. The normal distribution numbers will be saved in a CSV file,

There will be two simulations available in the template, first for Revenue amounts and other for Revenue growth in percentages.

If you are not familiar with python and Azure notebook. Please refer to the link provided in the template for how to create one.


This Best Practice includes
1 Python Script and linked video that explain how to use this script.

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Further information

To provide one-click calculations of complex simulations

1. Availability of free Microsoft Azure account.
2. Availability of Libraries and Module used in the script.

1.More than one-dimensional datasets (multi products )

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