Revenue and Spend Analytics Excel Dashboard
Originally published: 23/11/2019 09:44
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Revenue and Spend Analytics Excel Dashboard

This Sales and Expenses Excel file is beautifully presented and shows a number of key metrics.

The file looks at a range of sales and expense metrics, compares actual to plan to and includes prior year to date positions with variances. It has a bridging waterfall chart which operates over several years and a number of other charts including a modified gauge and some interesting plan v actual charting solutions . The report uses a slicer to compare each geographic region however this could be easily changed to spin the model by department or product or operational area. Additionally the report considers metrics about customer numbers, staffing, sales volumes and cost of goods sold.

The file has a number of worksheets that feed into key calculations pages and updating the model is a matter of replacing the existing data, a short video will aid in the update of the existing model. So genuinely the metrics could be changed to suit quickly and easily, when compared to starting the process from scratch.

Users will gain the maximum benefit from this file if they are already competent spreadsheets users. The file is designed for people who use Excel on a regular basis, and are comfortable with using its tools and functions. Incorporation of new data should be plug and play considering the calculations you wish incorporated

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- Marcus Small

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel file (13 worksheets)

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Report actual and plan data for any industry and a clean clear layout which is straight forward to update.


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