13 Strategies to Improve the Loyalty of Existing Connections on LinkedIn
Originally published: 25/09/2017 08:49
Publication number: ELQ-22556-1
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13 Strategies to Improve the Loyalty of Existing Connections on LinkedIn

How to STOP Adding New Connections Every Day on LinkedIn AND Get Better Results in Messaging and Creating Conversations

There’s a definite disparity between the size of your network and the quality of your network connections during a job search. Although the numbers don’t lie, they can be quite misleading.

Focusing on improving the quality of your network connections by as little as 5 percent can increase your results by as much as 95 percent. Furthermore, you’ll spend five times less time networking on LinkedIn; the response rates will be higher because you’re messaging existing connections, and the conversations will be much less nerve-racking; most of the times we can even ask a shared contact for an introduction.

Why, then, do 90% of job seekers focus primarily on adding new people to their LinkedIn, without having a clear goal and detailed plan?

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  • Francesca Morelli(last updated: 25/09/2017 12:08)
    Great article!
    Fab piece to go alongside Nader's first article "How to Establish and Maintain Professional Relationships on LinkedIn." Both very helpful and relevant! Thanks Nader.


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