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Design Thinking: How it Works & How You Can Use it to Improve Your Business

Explanation and example in animation form of design thinking and its relevance in a business context.

In a world connected by smartphones, GPS, and social media, we have come to expect businesses, hospitals, and governments to deliver personalized experiences to us on personal devices in real time. And while we still go to the store to buy groceries or get on a plane to travel from Point A to Point B, the way we consume goods and services is fundamentally changing. Which also means the way companies design and build these experiences must evolve to keep pace. Two approaches to help are Design Thinking and Agile Development, but the principals they are based on can be a great asset to anyone trying to solve a problem or find better ways of getting work done. Design Thinking is a method for practical and creative problem solving that evolved from fields as varied as engineering, architecture, and business. At it's core, design thinking focuses on understanding people's needs, and creatively discovering the best solution to meet those needs. It's core concepts are 1. understand 2. explore 3. prototype and 4. evaluate.

IBM is currently expanding on traditional design thinking to meet the complex needs of large scale enterprises without sacrificing the personal focus of design thinking.

In this video, an animation takes you through an example using a demo gardening business who are having trouble with their online sales. They use Design Thinking and Agile methodology approaches to help them solve their current problems and improve business processes.

Length: 5 minutes 51 seconds

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