BXL Merge - Merge Excel Data directly to Word and Outlook
Originally published: 12/04/2021 07:20
Publication number: ELQ-88181-1
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BXL Merge - Merge Excel Data directly to Word and Outlook

Merge all or selected table records from Excel to form letters or preprinted forms in MS Word to print or email

We put lists in Excel and we need all kinds of things printed from them: Contracts, Orders, Policies, Government Forms, Checks, Invoices….

Excel needs a feature to easily merge Excel lists with forms in MS Word which we either print or send via email.
Word’s Mail Merge feature comes close, but Mail Merge has a tough time with Excel tables unless they are isolated on a worksheet. And Mail Merge’s record selection can be frustrating. Lastly, switching from Excel to Word is just a bit kludgy. BXL Merge removes all that frustration.

Our corporation’s recruiting department had lots of forms that applicants and new hires were required to fill out. On every form they asked for the employee’s name and social security number. Many forms also asked for date of birth and address. Asking people to repeatedly write in the same information frustrated them. Our systems already had this information so why not preprint it on the forms so all applicants and new hires had to do was sign and date each document.

I have the same frustration each time I go to the doctor’s office. I’m handed insurance forms, HIPPA forms, Medical History forms, etc. and on each form I have to enter the same information. I know they have the information so why can’t they hand me a form with what they know already printed?

We created the components of this add in and used them to dramatically reduce the frustration and time required to complete required forms.

This add-in can take any table we already have in Excel or just exported from our corporate systems into Excel, and quickly merge the records we select to templates in MS Word. We can choose to print them or email them with Outlook. Our applicants and new hires were grateful.

Now if I can only get my doctor to use this.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

Easily merge selected records in Excel with Form letters and preprinted forms for printing or emailing with Outlook

Windows version only. Requires Excel (2010 or later), MS Word and Outlook (if emailing documents)

Not for use with Mac. Not for use with Excel versions 2007 or earlier.

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