Mortgage Calculator Excel Model
Originally published: 24/02/2021 08:34
Publication number: ELQ-94110-1
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Mortgage Calculator Excel Model

Mortgage Calculator with unique functionality to help you make the optimal decision

The unique tool will help you to make the optimal decision and pick the best mortgage. The model follows the best practice in financial modelling and VBA coding. The tool features the following functionality:

• Comparison of five mortgages with unique terms and flexible repayment profiles;
• Monthly payment calculator;
• Ranking of the mortgage options based on the multiple criteria – first monthly payment, average monthly payment, equity IRR, Money Multiple, equity distribution at exit, actual mortgage repayment period;
• Visual presentation of the loan and payment segregation;
• Ability to understand how government support will enhance the financing of the house acquisition;
• Switch between fixed interest rate and floating;
• Assessment of the different house prices and how it affects the mortgage;
• Overpayment features to assess the impact on the reduction in monthly payments or mortgage terms;
• The feasibility assessment of the cashback function;
• Flexible functionality to assess the sales option including related breakage fees;
• Ability to assess the equity proceeds after the sales process, to examine the amount available for the future acquisitions;
• Optimization of the exit process – macro to determine the optimal date to sell the house.

The model will be expanded in the future to incorporate more complex aspects. Stay in touch to see the new features. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions. After purchase, use private messages if you need help in populating the models.

This Best Practice includes
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Tool to help make educated decision for the best mortgage solution

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