Sample Cap Table (Pro-forma)
Originally published: 01/02/2017 11:08
Last version published: 10/03/2017 14:50
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Sample Cap Table (Pro-forma)

Template for entrepreneurs to make their own capitalization tables.

When angel investors agree upon investing in a startup, they request some key documents that will be required in the early stage of the negotiation.

In WUTIF capital, when we select a firm that has potential to be a wise investment for our portfolio, we request three key documents:

1. Terms Sheet
2. Report Sheet
3. Capitalization table

For that very reason, WUTIF has constructed a sample cap table that can facilitate this process for founders!

By simply inserting your firms' various values into the template, founders will be able to construct their very own capitalization tables.

The table is short and straightforward. If any questions do arise, just click the discussion feed!

If you'd like to have further help with your report sheet, just click on here: and download our the WUTIF tool.

This Best Practice includes
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