Sales Tracking Spreadsheet
Originally published: 01/12/2021 08:52
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Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will help you to organize the sales process

Organize sales process and sales team with Sales Tracking Spreadsheet. Set up Pipeline, define Targets, and then manage your Opportunities.
In today’s competitive sales environment, it’s required to plan more accurately and ensure performance is consistently on track.

Sales Tracking Spreadsheet is a comprehensive tool to save managers time.

To increase your performance, just:

1. Set Sales Targets
2. Set your pipeline stages
3. Add opportunity/deal.
4. Track your Performance in the Dashboard

How to track my sales?
Almost every aspect of a salesperson’s job can be tracked, analyzed, quantified, and measured. To automate and help you with that, we’ve created sales tracking spreadsheet.

How will this product help you? Just follow these simple steps and the worksheet will do the rest for you.

1. Identify your capabilities and then set Sales Targets
2. Set stages that each lead would fall into (Settings tab)
3. Add your first opportunity/deal.
4. Manage your deals using various metrics and flexible labels
5. Track your Performance in the Overview sheet & KPI sheet

Conversion (Open/Won/Lost) & Sales Tracking
There are implemented a few metrics to track to ensure you measure sales performance accurately:

-> Sales Target Progress
-> Win Rate
-> Sales Year over Year
-> Open/Won/Lost Deals
-> Sales Representative Targets
-> Average Deal Size
-> Average Sales by Month
-> Sales Activities
-> Measure Sales by Area
-> Check Sales by Product

Compatible with
Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365
Format: xlsx + xlsb (macro, no password) - choose the version that suits you better

This Best Practice includes
2 Excel spreadsheets (version for xlsx and xlsb), 2 Excel files with sample data

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Help small businesses & freelancers to organize their sales pipelines with a structured Excel spreadsheet

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