What is Machine Learning and How Does it Work?
Originally published: 27/02/2018 13:06
Publication number: ELQ-19602-1
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What is Machine Learning and How Does it Work?

A detailed yet concise introduction to what exactly machine learning is and how it works.

This video is broken down into four key parts, helping you to understand the following questions: What is machine learning? What are the main categories of machine learning? What are some examples of machine learning? And finally, how exactly does machine learning work?

In doing so, this video offers great insight into all of the basic principles behind the concept of machine learning. This video will help you to understand the basics behind all of these key questions, giving you a great understanding of what exactly machine learning is and how it works.

Kevin offers his definition of what he believes machine learning is and breaks it down into three key features, giving you a simple and understandable definition of what machine learning is. Ultimately, Kevin suggests that machine learning is the semi-automated extraction of knowledge from data using algorithms.

Kevin breaks down the field of machine learning into two key categories: supervised learning and unsupervised learning. He uses real world examples of each in order to simply differentiate one from the other to give you a strong knowledge basis of both types of machine learning.

He then goes on to discuss how machine learning actually works. He breaks this down into a step by step process which easily allows you to understand the processes behind machine learning. This process is broken down into a flow chart which easily allows you to fiollow each step in this complex process, making it easily understandable.

Ultimately, this video covers the basics behond the processes of machine learning, making them accessible and understandable for complete beginners.

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