Annual Cash Flow Forecaster
Originally published: 19/04/2018 10:09
Publication number: ELQ-16398-1
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Annual Cash Flow Forecaster

This model is to help you forecast your cash flows for the next year. Built in excel with explanatory video included.

This may be useful to you if you're starting a new business or if you're going to have some major changes in your business; if you're going to expand or open up a second location.

The aim of the Cash Flow Forecaster is to tell a story of how your cash is being used over a certain period of time. It begins with beginning cash, loan proceeds, and owner investment and gives detail of how the cash is being used each month. The option is also available to include cash inflows from sales. At the end of each month and at the end of the projection period, the projection will calculate ending cash balance.

The video included in the tool uses an example to run you through how to use the model explaining each step.

Stephanie adds useful tips and hints throughout the video on additional things you can do within the model.

This Best Practice includes
1 Annual Cash Flow Forecaster in Excel, 1 Video File

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