Originally published: 01/03/2018 11:11
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How to Structure Your UX Portfolio

Learn how to structure your UX portfolio by expert Ben Taylor.

This video by Ben Taylor aims to help junior UX designers in terms of structuring their portfolio and a bit of guidance in terms of what a UX recruiter would look for in interviews. He uses visual examples of what looks good and what does not. Ben advises to think about your UX portfolio is if it is a UX challenge in itself.

These days it is very common for portfolios to display high fidelity outputs but not necessarily outcomes. How do you know if the project was a success? What was your research plan? And what challenges were you faced with? Each of these questions are important aspects of telling the story of your work.

If you are a junior UX designer and are looking for expert guidance from a well-established UX professional, then you will without doubt gain invaluable information and advice by watching this short video.

Video length: 4:04

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