Dynamic Excel Chart example
Originally published: 12/06/2020 06:46
Publication number: ELQ-40810-1
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Dynamic Excel Chart example

This is a simple example of a dynamic graph for excel

This is a simple example of a dynamic graph for excel. Aimed at the intermediate and advanced excel users. It is an example chart that can be looked at and understood to then replicate in complex excel models and business plans.
Excel has many charts and graphs that could be customized, however these charts are based on a datasets and require specific parameters and have limited flexibility. For automated reports for quick output charts or summaries for business plans and excel models these kinds of dynamic charts could become useful. It does require understanding the use of the OFFSET function. This is a function is powerful in excel to displace data cells and becomes relevant when using dynamic information. In this case the dynamic information is the size of the Y axis array that is growing or shrinking and therefore using OFFSET this size can be accounted for. This needs to be combined with a COUNTA function in order to dynamically count for the size of the array for both X and Y. Then a simple name for X and Y could be created in the name manager and this could then be inserted into the graph as X data and Y data.

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