Business Analysis Excel Model
Originally published: 20/04/2020 12:04
Last version published: 14/12/2020 09:57
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Business Analysis Excel Model

Strategic Tool Which is very useful for Every Kind Of Business.

It is 12 tab complete strategic Excel tool which will help you analyse business strategies relating to expansion or Contraction. This is theoretical as well as as Practical tools every effort has been made to make the tool as simple as that every person can easily understand this.

1. This excel template is comprises of well known strategies used in corporate.
Firstly it will help you to identify in which type of industry your company is working it may be :-
a. Growth
b. Cyclical
c. Defensive
d. Cyclic-Growth Industry.
After analyzing the type of industry this will help you to identify the phase or stage in which your company is working it may be :-
a. Start-Up
b. Rapid Growth
c. Maturity
d. Decline
Following that stage it will helps you to identify required strategies as per the Phase i.e. Stability strategy, Growth Strategy, Expansion Strategy, Turnaround Strategy etc..

This model is helpful for every business wether it may be in any stage of LIFE CYCLE.

After analyzing the Business it will help you analyse the product line and different strategic units associated with the business.

This tool is for information purpose which will help you to formulate and analyze strategy required.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel tool for Qualitative and Quantitative Purpose

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