Early Stage SaaS Financial Model

Get up to speed on a SaaS Financial Model with a template and its step by step instructions

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It’s necessary to have intelligent discussion about your high-level business model so that you can design and explain your growth in the 12-18 months to come, before reaching the Series A round. For seed-stage startups and investor, the first significant round of venture capital financing, i.e. Series A, and creating a real business that can be scaled, are the primary goals.

In order to get accurate outputs and prepare properly for the Series A round, ensure your figures are accurate and input every month – be honest with your projection, understand how the business is trendy, and display a healthy graph that extends from healthy actuals. By doing so, you can build yourself investor collateral and you will find yourself in an even better position to raise funds.

This model includes 4 tabs:
1) Customer Segment Drivers
2) Model Drivers
3) Headcount
4) Financial Statements

This model and the detailed instructions which accompany each tab will help you achieve your fundraising goal!

- Brandon Marker, www.texasmarker.io

This business tool includes
1 Excel Model, 1 Step by Step Methodology

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