Argus Drop Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Model
Originally published: 02/08/2022 08:13
Publication number: ELQ-91330-1
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Argus Drop Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Model

This model is designed to analyze a Commercial Real Estate Acquisition based on Argus calculated Cash Flows

This model was created to quickly analyze the acquisition of a commercial real estate asset (office, retail or industrial) in conjunction with Argus. Simply take the cash flows that were calculated by Argus and drop them in the yellow field of the proforma in order to assess the opportunity (The lines in the model have to match up with the Argus lines). The model will calculate returns on a unlevered and unlevered basis.

The model has been kept simple for ease of use. It is clearly structured and visually appealing. The model is fully dynamic and all the blue input cells will flow through the proforma.

The model can be tailored to the users specific needs. For further customization please reach out to the author.

The model includes:
Acquisition Assumptions and Closing Costs
Disposition Assumptions with dynamic Exit
Acquisition Financing and  Refinance Option
Sources and Uses Table
Return Table with Cash Yield for Yr 1, Yr 5 Avg and Yr 10 Avg

This model has been extensively tested, but may contain errors. If you think you came across an error please contact the author to review and fix it. 

For customization or training of this tool, it is recommended to contact the author of the model as he will be most qualified to assist.

Hope you enjoy the model


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