Sales Forecast Excel Template
Originally published: 29/09/2022 10:13
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Sales Forecast Excel Template

Sales Forecast Excel Template

Through this template you can use to compile a basic monthly sales forecast for a three year period. Users are required to enter the monthly sales volumes, selling prices and gross profit percentages for each product category and all the other calculations are automatically updated. 

The template includes five default product categories but you can add additional product categories by simply inserting the appropriate number of rows in each section of the sales forecast.

Note: All the cells on the SalesForecast sheet that require user input have been highlighted with a "Light Green" cell background. All the other cells contain formulas and are therefore automatically updated.

The monthly sales volumes, selling prices and gross profit percentages also need to be entered. All other amounts are automatically calculated. Note that the monthly cost of sales amounts are determined by calculating the monthly gross profit amounts based on the gross profit percentages that have been specified and the monthly sales amounts that have been calculated and then deducting these gross profit amounts from the monthly sales amounts.

Note that the additional rows should be inserted into the same position in each section of the sales forecast before copying the formulas in order to ensure that formulas are copied accurately.

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