Zensar Technologies Complete Fundamental Analysis
Originally published: 20/04/2020 08:13
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Zensar Technologies Complete Fundamental Analysis

A Complete Fundamental Analysis in Microsoft Excel of Zensar Technologies.

Zensar is valued at $ 500+ Million and is, in turn, a part of $3 billion RPG Group. The company provides Digital Transformation, Cloud and Infrastructure, Data Warehousing, Application development and Guidewire support services to global MNCs. The revenue split for the company is 19% from Retail, 52% from Hi-tech Manufacturing, 24% from the Financial Services sector and 5.1% from emerging enterprises.

Zensar Technologies is among 5 global tech companies listed on any stock exchange for 55+ years. It has shown a solid track record of corporate governance, profitability and growth over the last few decades. The company has a head start in the field of rapidly growing Cloud and Infrastructure business, especially in India. It competes with several other major tech companies like TCS and Infosys of India, Capgemini of France and Cognizant of the US. These companies also have established services portfolios, so the growth is obtained only by technical know-how.

Zensar has been able to deliver solid growth of about 28% YoY in digital revenue, 16.6% YoY in Financial Sector revenue and 32% YoY in cloud business revenue. Overall this shows a good hold in the market.

The Model covers all the major fundamental aspects of Zensar Technologies over the ten year period. The model is easy to edit and update for the future years as well. It includes:
1. Growth Ratios
2. Profitability Ratios
3. Cash Flow Ratios
4. Liquidity and Solvency Ratios
5. Efficiency Ratios
6. Valuation Ratios
7. ROE (Du Pont Analysis)
8. Common Size analysis
9. Enterprise Valuation
10. Financial Strength Analysis

Further Qualitative analysis is also done considering these factors and ratings have been assigned. The complete detailed analysis is in the word document along with the excel model.

This Best Practice includes
1 Microsoft Excel Model +1 Microsoft Word Document

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The aim is to provide a thorough outlook into the company's financial position. This will help the students in projects and also the Investors who are looking to do their own due diligence before investing in the Indian Stock Markets.

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