Online Fitness Consulting Financial Model
Originally published: 18/08/2020 07:06
Publication number: ELQ-88392-1
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Online Fitness Consulting Financial Model

Online Fitness Consulting Financial model perfectly suits every fitness business. The model is ideal for early startups.

This Online Fitness Consulting Financial Model offers an in-depth tool for the user to forecast the financial data of a fitness consulting or any other business activity.

This tool is handy for those individuals who want a ready-to-use downloadable excel tool that can assess different financial aspects of the future viability of the business.

Several factors have been included in this Financial Model, some of which include:

- The Balance Sheet: starting from Month 1 to Month 36 (end of Year 3)

- Assumptions: This ranges from packages, website products, other revenue, instructor pay per class, session revenue, salary assumptions, and operating expenses assumptions.

- Project Evaluation and IRR

- Yearly summaries (including the graph)

- Summary tables for income, balance sheets, and cash flow statement

- Break-even and CAC analysis

- Income statement: Including revenue, gross profit, and operating expenses.

- Cash Flow Statement: comprised of the cash outflows and cash inflows with cash sales and collection from receivables, raising of current borrowings, raising of a long-term loan, owner investment, and investor investment.

- Depreciation Schedule

- Revenue and cost of revenue

- Personal forecast

- Investments and Financing

The model will help you:
- Develop Sales Strategy
- Diagnose Issues
- Forecast Cashflows for 3 years
- Calculate Startup Cost
- Utilization of Funds
- Control over Business
- Set Goals
- Financial and Business Planning
- Calculate Break-even
- Progress of the company

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Model

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