COVID-19 vs Index Return Excel Model
Originally published: 14/04/2020 12:59
Last version published: 14/04/2020 15:58
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COVID-19 vs Index Return Excel Model

Analysis on index return in relation to Covid-19 cases.

In this excel file you will find analysis on index return in relation to the new virus Covid-19 that affect stock markets dramatically.

This helps you understand the relationship and how your investment could be affected by increase in the cases in a given period of time.

In the file you will find major effect in the index returns in each time Covid-19 cases increases above average.

Methodology used in excel file:

1 - set the date (Daily)
2 - find daily covid-19 cases
3 - find the daily closing price for the index
4 - calculate return on the index using (R2/R1)-1 *100
5 - insert a graph to show the relationship

Please note that you should observe the daily increase in Covid-19 cases to see the effect on return on the stock market on the next day. This tool will help investors and professionals to understand their risk associated with the current market situation since most of the news of the new virus is the most powerful tool to use while trading these days. Also, it is a risk tool to manage risk by setting the exit and entry targets for the investors and professionals as well.
This File is easy to understand and easy to modify based on your number.

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