YouTube Investment Memo - Analysis
Originally published: 04/04/2018 14:37
Publication number: ELQ-28300-1
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YouTube Investment Memo - Analysis

Overview and analysis of an Investment Memo made for YouTube

In this document, Miles Grimshaw analyses an Investment Memo made by Sequoia for YouTube. With this analysis, Miles shows exactly what Venture Capitalists are seeking when they want to make an investment. With this document, you will get a rare insight into the thinking behind an Investment Memo by the accomplished investor Roelof Botha.

Miles analyses the Investment Memo that was made by Roelof Botha in 2005, offering a great insight into how you can make an Investment Memo work well for you.

This helpful document is broken down into 7 key sections:

- Introduction
- Deal
- Competition
- Hiring Plan
- Key Risks
- Recommendation
- Final Observations

This gives you the essential structure of your Investment Memo. Miles breaks down the Investment memo into 7 essential parts, and in this document, describes how, in this case Roelof Botha, has used each part to sell the business well. As such, by using this document as a guide, you will be able to create a compelling Investment Memo, based on one that worked successfully for YouTube. This guide will help you to create an Investment Memo that will attract investors to your business.

The original Botha Investment Memo for YouTube can be found here:

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