Value Amplification Model
Originally published: 22/08/2017 17:41
Last version published: 30/07/2019 08:35
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Value Amplification Model

Developing Authentic Brands Through an Exploration of Corporate Values.

For decades corporate brand specialists have been interested in understanding the secret to developing an authentic brand that is able to make meaningful connections with not only customers, but a wide variety of stakeholders. In response, this paper and model argues that a brand’s values forms the foundation of an emotional connection between brand and consumer.

Moreover, it serves to fill the gap in research that explores how values may be anthropomorphised into a brand personality and amplified through 3 key areas of the brand using the value amplifier model, resulting in the establishment, development and broadcasting of corporate brand values to its desired audience.

The model created for this paper, entitled the Value Amplifier Model may be considered to be the process of exploring and uncovering a brand’s values for the purpose of creating an anthropomorphised personality that promotes authenticity. Anthropomorphism is the psychological phenomenon that sees human domains assign human characteristics and traits to non-human entities. This newly identified personality is the link to consumers perceiving the values of a brand to be authentic when applied over long periods of time. It has been suggested that it is this authenticity that ultimately forms the emotional relationship between consumer and brand.

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