Intellectual Property Assignment Template
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Intellectual Property Assignment Template

2 IP Assignment Templates (England/Wales & Hong Kong) to be used as is, or to be tailored to best suit your needs.

Intellectual Property is really important for every company. It states who owns what essentially, from the name of the company to the code that allows the product to function. Any founder should understand asset ownership because it's important to be aware of from the start. This document has been provided in the case of IP being reassigned to your business or to another person.

This is appropriate to be used for a company registered in Wales/England and a sole founder or consultant. For a Hong Kong registered company, an adapted document has been provided.

You can use this agreement for transferring ownership of all IP created for the company for a small fee. The agreement takes for granted that 1. No other contract exists between the parties (employment or consultancy) 2. There has been no previous arguments and that the parties are on agreeable terms.

If you're transferring trade marks or patents, this may need to be recorded separately at a registry; it's not covered by this particular agreement specifically.

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This Best Practice includes
1 England & Wales IP Assignment Template, 1 Hong Kong IP Assignment Template

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