Talk Triggers in F&B Marketing: Attract, Engage & Delight Customers.
Originally published: 08/06/2021 06:37
Publication number: ELQ-44726-1
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Talk Triggers in F&B Marketing: Attract, Engage & Delight Customers.

Talk Triggers in F&B Marketing, best practices

Talk triggers in F&B marketing: Attract, Engage & Delight Customers through practical tools that boost your word of mouth marketing efforts. This guide goes over the best practices needed for your F&B business to effectively conceive, execute and measure amazing word of mouth tools to keep your fans engaged and make them your most effective brand ambassadors. The idea of Talk Triggers was first conceived by the great Marketer Jay Baer from Convince & Convert. I have taken his concept and started employing it for my F&B clients here in South East Asia. Those F&B clients include Restaurant Owners, Coffee Shops, Bar owners and all other members of this thriving industry. Talk Triggers are especially useful for people who are in transition mode during the worst parts of the current pandemic, looking to pivot from a dine-in model of doing business to a pickup and delivery only model. When employing talk triggers in your own business a few best practices, which are explored in detail in the pdf, should be at front of mind. For example, make sure that the talk trigger employed is practical, repeatable and measurable.
I hope this guide will bring you insight and success in your word-of-mouth tactics.

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