How to Manage Gen Z in the Workplace
Originally published: 13/12/2019 14:19
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How to Manage Gen Z in the Workplace

By 2030 Generation Z will make up 30% of the workforce, acquaint yourself with the future.🚀

Introduction aims to help prepare you for our everchanging working environment.🌍 Currently, this theme turns to the inbound workforce. For those of you who haven't noticed, Generation Z's presence is growing🌱 and its impact has already started to kick in. Written by a Gen Z herself, panic not, this following guide will help guide you through this transition.😄

Our Main Attributes are:
- Born between 1995 - 2015👶, our ages are between 5 - 25 years old
- We are the most Ethnically Diverse Generation yet🙌, at 49% being of colour in the US
- On average, we spend 3 hours a day on our mobile devices📲
- 66% of us regularly use more than 1 device at a time📱👩‍💻🎮
- We have an 8 second attention span🤨
- We recieve 85% of our information via social media

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    Firstly, we must be convinced that the Job Market offers us a chance to prosper!🍀

    At Present, the facts show that upon graduation 40% of college students are left in underemployment with an average of $30,000 of student debt.😫 Furthermore, for those of which whom are underemployed in their first job, two thirds are underemployed five years later, and half are underemployed a decade later.

    With the rise in the Gig & Sharing Economy we can easily turn to and most would rather turn to quick jobs, as and when, rather than commiting to a job with no advancement opportunities. This is also very pertinent as we are increasingly aware that as the our life expectancy increases, so does the expectancy of years we must work.👵  Therefore, the main incentive to us is the security that advancement is garenteed so that we will not be working in the same position 5 years down the line.👍
    lightbulb_outline Be clear to offer young employees Training and Development Programs, Regular Feedback Sessions and Job Security with a Full Time Contract. 
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  • Step n°2 |

    Secondly, you must Convince us to Work for You!🤝

    Being the "generation of self-discovery" means that at a very young age we were exposed to the realisation that the world is painfully broken.🌪 As an individual this often feels insurmountable, hence  60% of us want our jobs to contribute to the common good and prefer working for companies that have a strong sense of purpose. We Crave Purpose.🌤 

    Consequently, whilst we know we have to work to live, we would prefer to work doing something we believe in, so if you haven't yet - find your purpose which is relatable to helping others.😊
    lightbulb_outline - It is essential to Communicate this purpose. It is at the crux of our Motivation.🗣

    Ideas of what you could do if your company does not directly impact worldly issues:
    - Link your Organisation's profit💰 to a Charitable Cause
    - Organise Fund raisers within the company
    - Include Current Employees on what issues they would like to support the most🌏
    - Create one ! 
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