The ‘Eat That Frog’ Method – Increase your Productivity
Originally published: 27/01/2020 14:44
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The ‘Eat That Frog’ Method – Increase your Productivity

PDF article outlining the main principles of the 'Eat That Frog' method.

Are you constantly putting off the tasks you don't want to do? Learn how to confront these tasks and learn to improve your efficiency.

This article will give you an overview of Brian Tracy's 'Eat That Frog' method and how to apply this to your own task management.

Brian Tracy was inspired by Mark Twain’s quote: “If the first thing you do in the morning is to eat the frog, then you can continue your day with the satisfaction of knowing that this is probably the worst thing that will happen to you all day”.

According to the Eat that Frog method, in order to remain productive, you should plan your days at work. Here are 7 steps to take:
1) Define your main long-term goal.
2) Write it down.
3) Set yourself a deadline.
4) List the tasks that need to be done to achieve your goal.
5) Organise the list in order of priority. The worst tasks should be the first tasks to be completed.
6) Act immediately by attacking the first toad, then a new toad every morning. You can do it!
7) Try to make sure you are working towards your goal every day.

Read the article for more detail and useful tips to improve your productivity.

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