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4 Tips for Pitching Your Business in 5 Minutes

In this interview, Eric Rice provides valuable tips on how you can successfully pitch your company in 5 minutes.

Contrary to what many think, just explaining your own business is actually quite difficult. It's not easy to repair a pitch that is too long so that you can maintain audience engagement. Eric explains how a pitch that is too wordy can ruin your chances of obtaining investment. Here is a summary of his tips:

1. Your pitch is not like a first date- it should only last 5 minutes. An elevator pitch entails getting to the point quickly and sticking with it to remain concise.

2. Give a quick explanation of what you're currently doing so that you can efficiently go onto step two where you talk about your company goals.

3. Keep it simple by talking frankly and simply- allow your pitch to flow!

4. Your presentation is the key. Your deck must be concise and clear so that your audience continues to listen to you.

Watch this video to hear Eric's points in more detail alongside some useful insights.

Length: 6 minutes 17 seconds

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