Originally published: 26/09/2019 11:40
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Interpretation of financial statements using ratio analysis

Let's get to grips with financial ratios.

Are you a business owner, accountant or investor?

Then this is the course just for you!

This course is designed for users who wants to obtain a deep understanding of financial ratios that investors and business owners use to determine the performance of the business.

This course also looks at the liquidity of the company and we show you how to put in certain safe guards in order to maximize profit and cash of the business.

This course is designed for both beginners and intermediate individuals as we take you from the basic concepts of ratios and dive into some deeper content later.

We have further also designed this course so that users understand why the ratios are used in certain instances and give you fantastic ways to remember the ratios.

You will also have the opportunity to perform an exercise in order to confirm your understanding of the concepts with a solution to it as well. We strongly suggest that you attempt the exercise before looking at the solution.

We wish that you take this course into the real world and apply everything you have learnt from it in order for you to assess any companies performance and liquidity with the use of ratio analysis.

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