Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (OTC and Coin Exchange) Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 01/10/2018 08:12
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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (OTC and Coin Exchange) Financial Excel Model

Financial Model Sample (Blockchain and Crytocurrency - OTC and Coin Exchange

If you are looking for an investment in establishing a blockchain based cryptocurrency global platform wherein it act as a fully regulated off-exchange cryptocurrency brokerage and escrow service aimed at safely and securely handling large ticket institutional “over the counter (OTC)" transactions between institutional buyers and sellers of digital currencies.


In conjunction with a top 50 global coin and token exchange, it will aim to be one of the token and coin exchange platforms to be fully licensed and regulated within the blockchain universe

Following will be the sources of revenue :
1. Commission on Currency Trade
2. Coin Exchange

Then, this is for you. This financial model will help you to determine the expected revenues, associated costs for the next 5 years. It will also help in determining the valuation of your business and come up with the required amount of investment so required. Thus, testing the feasibility of the business.

It has following coverage:
a. Assumptions on Revenues
b. Assumptions on Costings
c. Profit and Loss
d. Cash Flow
e. Balance Sheet
f. Summarized Yearly Reports
g. ROI
h. Business Valuation

Feel free to get in touch and take use of complicated model, made flexible and simple


This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Cryptocurrency Model

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