CAPEX and Depreciation Projections Excel Model Template
Originally published: 17/03/2019 16:15
Publication number: ELQ-13240-1
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CAPEX and Depreciation Projections Excel Model Template

Get control of future capital expenditure with this CAPEX and Depreciation Projections Model.

The CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and Depreciation Projections Template is a tool that helps to project future capital expenditures and depreciation connected to the existing and new expenditures. The main use of the template is to help to fill CAPEX part of Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement as well as to fill Depreciation and Amortization parts in Profit&Loss Statement. The model allows the user to divide CAPEX by projects which makes it convenient to fill the template with values. Another user-friendly feature is the CAPEX investment summary which shows aggregates values from all projects.

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Help to make a budget for CAPEX and calculate Depreciation for the next 5 years.

For planning capital expenditure by different projects for several years.

Not for other financials, only for CAPEX and Depreciation

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