Departmental Performance KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard.
Originally published: 13/03/2020 08:32
Publication number: ELQ-48948-1
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Departmental Performance KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard.

An easy-to-use Departmental Financial Performance KPI Dashboard in Microsoft Excel.

The Departmental Performance KPI Dashboard displays key financial information either for a business that segments their P&L by Operating Departments, or wants to compare different entities or locations. An example of departments for a hotel might be 1) Rooms 2) Food and Beverage 3) Spa and 4) Other Revenue. An example could also be a comparison of store location, such as Store Location #1, Store Location #2, Store Location #3, and Store Location #4.

A consolidated summary is also displayed as well. The Dashboard brings visualization to the data through clear data and graphic analytics.

Please let me know if you need more than four segments, as I can easily expand the template for you .

All data is entered on a single tab.

The use of an interactive drop down displays the data for the month selected on the upper tier of the dashboard, and month to date data displays on the second tier of the dashboard.

Below the Year to Data panel, revenue and expense by month is displayed.

The lower tire of the dashboard, displays year to date (depending on the month selected), of the actual, budget (or plan), and prior year performance scaled to graph.

The Departmental Performance KPI Dashboard gives key information at a glance, making it easy to monitor financial results and margins by department.

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