Perfect Your Pitch Deck — according to a guy that gets a lot of pitches
Originally published: 20/03/2018 16:22
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Perfect Your Pitch Deck — according to a guy that gets a lot of pitches

Guide on creating a killer pitch deck to secure the all important meeting with an investor.

One of the most important things startups have to master is creating a top elevator pitch- a verbal, short description or what they do, who they are, and how they plan on succeeding as a business. There are a lot of blog posts and articles that have been written to help founders through this process, but it's rare that you see any of them include how you actually get the opportunity to do the elevator pitch.

The process of the elevator pitch process has resulted in parodies on websites like the Startup Elevator Pitch Generator and pitch roulette sites. This doesn't reduce the importance of creating an elevator pitch, but there is another thing that is just as important. This is the pitch deck.

Making a pitch deck that your business is able to use to obtain investment from VCs is a huge milestone. Your elevator pitch, however, is important for face-to-face meetings, and opportunities you may have to pitch in person.

But, before your startup can even secure a face-to-face opportunity or a meeting with a VC, they usually have to go through digital gatekeepers. In this process, a great pitch deck is what a startup needs to get through this gate and secure that meeting. This guide tells you what you need to know when you're creating the all-important pitch.

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