Foot Forecast 2018 World Cup Prediction Tool
Originally published: 22/05/2018 16:25
Last version published: 06/06/2018 15:57
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Foot Forecast 2018 World Cup Prediction Tool

Foot Forecast is a 100% free football prediction contest displayed in Microsoft Excel! Who said that Excel can't be fun?

Foot Forecast is a free forecast contest allowing players to guess the results of World Cup matches, create Leagues and beat their colleagues, friends or other companies.

Foot Forecast was created by Finance 3.1, a team of Excel-savvy experts in financial modelling working for large companies that to share their passion for Excel models but most of all, to spread happiness at work within organisations during the whole 2018 FIFA World Cup!

How to play? It is simple! Actually, the only requirement is to make your forecast before the opening of the World Cup, June the 14th 2018 at 4 pm (London time).

- Download and fill in your forecast file
- Check the latest stats about the teams if you need some inspiration - or if you're not a football expert
- Upload your file on before the 14th of June
- Create Leagues to challenge your colleagues and friends during the World Cup
- Check the prizes at stake and invite other players!

May the best Forecaster win!

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel model, 1 website

Finance 3.1 offers you this Best Practice for free!

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Share our passion for Excel models and football but most of all spread happiness at work within organisations during the whole 2018 FIFA World Cup!


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