Personal Cash Planner
Originally published: 07/06/2018 12:32
Publication number: ELQ-94550-1
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Personal Cash Planner

Excel template for monitoring and tracking your personal finances.

This Excel model is a great tool for tracking your financial situation based on different factors. Keeping track of your personal finances, outgoings and incomings can often be difficult and time consuming. This model simplifies the process, offering the perfect template to monitor your finances.

The model includes 8 functional tabs, which are:

- Home (Introduction)
- Rules
- Year 1
- Year 2
- Year 3
- Year 4
- Year 5
- 5 Year Total

As such, using this model will allow you to create an extensive analysis of your personal finances over a period of 5 years.

You will be able to input data based on your incomings such as: Salary, spouse's salary, sale of assets, loans or other income. you will also be able to input your outgoings, such as: Rent, food, clothing, transport, cars, electricity etc.

This data is then used to calculate your net cash and cumulative net cash, giving you a useful overview of your finances.

The model also includes the useful 5 Year Total summary page. This will give you a detailed overview of your finances over this 5 year period.

Using this model will allow you to analyse your financial situation, monitor your money, and make changes where necessary.

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