Public Speaking For Beginners
  • Public Speaking For Beginners
  • Public Speaking For Beginners
  • Public Speaking For Beginners
Originally published: 27/03/2018 14:24
Publication number: ELQ-97233-1
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Public Speaking For Beginners

Alex Lyon sets out his dos and don'ts for public speaking and presenting as a beginner.

This video is the perfect beginners guide to public speaking and presenting.

Alex gives a set of dos and don'ts that will help you to develop your communication and public speaking skills.

Firstly, Alex give you a set of things that you need to avoid when public speaking, before emphasising how you can do this well.

- DON'T: Ramble - this will make your presentation very difficult to follow.
- DO: Give an organised and concise message. Focus on an introduction, main body and conclusion.
- DON'T: Look in the wrong places - don't look over people's heads, at the floor, or scan around the room
- DO: Make eye contact. One thought, one look!
- DON'T: Clutter your notes or PowerPoint with too much detail.
- DO: Simplify your notes and focus on a conversational style.
- DON'T: Use complex slides.
- DO: Use clear, simple slides.
- DON'T: Fidget
- DO: Adopt a confident posture and use gestures
- DON'T: Speak too softly and use fillers
- DO: Speak confidently with pauses.

Alex explains these key dos and don'ts and demonstrates how the dos can really improve your public speaking skills and confidence.

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