Marketing Strategy Statement Template
Originally published: 21/02/2018 14:19
Last version published: 21/02/2018 14:34
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Marketing Strategy Statement Template

This tool will aid you in creating a concise and simple template for your business' marketing strategy.

This is the perfect tool in helping you to develop and document your business' marketing strategy. This will allow you to develop strategy for how your business will position itself in any given market. Mark breaks down this process into several key components that massively simplify your steps towards a clear marketing strategy.

This tool will help you to establish what direction you want your business to head in bysetting key goals and objectives. This tool will then aid you in identifying your target markets with a series of pertinent questions, before establishing how you want your business to be positioned within its market. Having identified this key information, the template can then be used to inform how best to develop your marketing strategy to suit your needs. This template will help you answer key questions relevant to your marketing campaign in relation to distribution, pricing, distribution and people management strategies.

Using this template as a guide will be of great help when developing marketing strategy for your business. This template cuts to the core of the key issues involving your marketing strategy and will help you create a concise and informative plan for your business' marketing campaigns.

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