Seed Summit Term Sheets (Multiple)
Originally published: 09/11/2017 13:18
Last version published: 17/01/2018 11:02
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Seed Summit Term Sheets (Multiple)

General & Angel Term Sheet Templates given for 9 countries adapted specifically for each country.

Entrepreneurs should find both General and Angel termsheets useful particularly if they want to become more acquainted with the common standard terms. They should also be useful for investors to use in funding rounds to ensure speed, fairness, transparency, and value. Europe's top seed investors have checked and validated both versions, and have ensured that they contain all of the main terms commonly found in a term sheet. Although the documents provided contain the majority of the terms generally found in financing rounds, it will be ultimately down to the users which terms to include or not to include.

These documents are intended to address a common objective within the startup community; allowing seed funding to be more easily accessed, easier to understand, and fair for everyone involved.


Croatia: 1 General Termsheet

France: 1 General Termsheet & 1 Angel Termsheet

Germany: 1 General Termsheet

Ireland: 1 General Termsheet & 1 Angel Termsheet

UK: 1 General Termsheet & 1 Angel Termsheet

Poland: 2 General Termsheets//1 for a Joint Stock Company//1 for a Limited Company

Portugal: 1 General Termsheet (English) & 2 Angel Termsheets// 1 in English// 1 in Portuguese

Hong Kong: 1 Termsheet

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This Best Practice includes
9 General Termsheets, 5 Angel Termsheets

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