Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker
Originally published: 25/01/2018 13:29
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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker in Excel that updates prices and produces a pie chart.

Crypto Portfolio Worksheet

This has been used to track a crypto portfolio. It updates the prices via a macro from It also produces a nice pie chart. Included is a worksheet that tracks the market cap and prices of the top 50 coins from to point out the big movers and the losers over the duration of 24 hours.

1) Enter your holdings and the coin names. Use the naming convention used by
2) Choose which ever Base Currency applies to you
3) To update the FX Rate and the prices, run the "Update" macro

To add extra coins, all that is required is insertion of an additional row in the middle of the table. Then you just need to add the details.

Top 50 Market Cap Worksheet

1) To update the prices, run the "Update" macro
2) In order to account for market movements since last run, sort the rank from smallest to largest
3) 24 hour % movement will be highlighted in red if <-5% and in green if >5%

Note: Personal notes in this worksheet are based on some very quick high level research. They are not to be considered facts and use those columns to populate your own thinking / research.

password= crypto123

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