Group Training Gym Financial Model
Originally published: 03/03/2021 08:43
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Group Training Gym Financial Model

The Group Training Gym Financial Model provides a 5-year annual forecast along with a month-by-month forecast of the bus

The Group Training Gym Financial Model provides a 5-year annual forecast along with a month-by-month forecast of the business for the first year. Included in the template you will find:

• The Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
• An Assumptions Section with key drivers for the business specific to a Group Training Gym
• Supporting Schedules Section for PPE and Debt
• Graphs to visually display the Monthly Cash Flow Statement and Annual Cash Flow

First is the Assumptions sections where assumptions are entered in the cells for the projection periods. Assumptions focus on key drivers specific to running a Group Training Gym. Here you will see assumptions for different membership packages, from Unlimited classes to Single Drop In Classes. Membership/Package Sales are driven by Monthly/Annual growth in rows 10 and 11 in model; this section can be modified to manual inputs for each month without disrupting the model. There are sections in the Assumptions for complementary items such as Supplements and Apparel.

The Income Statement includes some onetime and recurring expenses that are unique to a fitness studio. Expenses can be added or subtracted without disrupting the model. The Supporting Schedules section is all formulas that are tied to the Assumptions and 3 Statement sections, so no editing is necessary. Lastly, the Charts and Graphs sections displays the Cash Flow Statement and Annual Cash Flow visually. The correlating data is above the graphs and tied to the model with formulas so they will automatically adjust to any modifications in the model.

All cells in blue font are input cells where custom information can be entered. All cells in black font are formulas set to streamline the model. Sections are grouped to condense the model to view sections individually.

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Further information

Provide tool for Group Training Gym/Fitness Studio Owners to project business.

Best used for a Group Training Gym/Fitness Studio with monthly memberships.

Not ideal for any other industry, but could be modified for business with monthly membership as source of revenue.


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