Dashboard on Olympic History (1896 - 2016)
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Dashboard on Olympic History (1896 - 2016)

Dashboard on Olympic History (1896 - 2016)

As we all know that Olympics is the most prestigious Sporting Event. Now, when the Tokyo Olympics is going on, lets have a look at the history of the Olympic games to get more insights of it.

Dashboard on Olympic History (1896 - 2016) will provide the users to analyze, view and witness the performance of their Country and their favourite players across the history of the Olympic Games.

This Dashboard comprises of all the Events played from 1896 Olympic Games to 2016 Olympics Games featuring all Male/Female Athletes from all over the world which has featured in the Olympic Games.

You will get to know that which Athletes won Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals for your country and which are the top Athletes which won the most Medals(Gold, Silver or Bronze) in the history of the Games and which countries are leading the Medal tally in Summer/Winter Olympic Games. Furthermore, this Dashboard also covers that in which year a particualr sport was first/last time played and how many times a particular sport has been played in total in Olympics.

What you think which Country/Athlete would be leading the Medal Tally in Olympic History? No idea? Then download the Power BI file and have a look.

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