Board Reporting Tool
Originally published: 02/11/2020 08:20
Publication number: ELQ-98743-1
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Board Reporting Tool

A Board Reporting Tool in Microsoft Excel for Board Members.

This reporting tool is a very detailed template reporting all financials of any sort of company or entity in any business sector. The report is structured into different fields. A summary report showing the financial performance of the company, ratios, cashflows and monthly sales. the monthly sales is split into many categories and it is linked from all related and respective sheets.
the purpose of reporting the company's monthly financials and financial performance.
Tab "Financial Report" shows the companies month over month comparative for both income and expenses split by category which will show the company's profit and loss by category.
Tab "Summary Report" shows the financial performance from cash and banks to the overdue payables and receivables.
Tab "Non Financial Statistics Report" shows the non-financial statistics from total number of staff to staff retention to usage of other financial statistics and reporting.

The main purpose of this template is to perceive to the financial manager or any other reader or managerial position holder to view the weaknesses and strength of the company. The report should be worked in a very delegate way in order not to have any errors and to present to Top management accurate and timely reporting.

This Best Practice includes
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Reporting Financial Performance of a company in an easy and effective way

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