Amortization Schedule Excel Model
Originally published: 14/04/2020 10:57
Publication number: ELQ-14509-1
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Amortization Schedule Excel Model

Simple and advanced amortization schedules. Tool is user friendly and straight forward.

Simple and advanced amortization schedules with the following functionality:

1. Capitalization of other costs
2. Monthly service fees
3. Additional repayments (Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually and Annually)
4. Interest saving calculation on additional repayments
5. Balloon payment option.

These tools have been designed to be very user friendly, there are minimal inputs with an array of combinations to allow you to match to to almost any financial institutions repayment terms. You can also play around to find out what repayment profile works for you and your cash flow requirements.

There is also the option to make additional repayments on you loan and you can then see the affect that these payments will have on your repayment profile. As there are two possible policies that can be in place (ie Reducing the term of the loan or reducing the instalment amounts), both options are available to the user.

As with a lot of the vehicle loans in the current day and age, there is an option to have a balloon payment at the end of the term to reduce the monthly instalment amount. This option is also available to the user and they can see the effect that this would have on the loan, particularly if combined with addition repayments.

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Further information

The objective of this tool is to assist the user in determining what the repayments will look like on any given loan term.

When you are doing research into buying anything that requires a loan from a financial institution. This can be from a small personal loan to a mortgage on a house.

Where there is a need for multiple draw downs of the loan. Although this can easily be implemented if needed,


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