Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator
Originally published: 21/10/2020 13:51
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Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator

Generate loan amortization schedules, with breakdown of interest and principal repayments.

This loan amortization schedule calculator is simple to use, yet flexible and powerful. It calculates the loan repayment amounts for each period, the specific dates for each repayment, how much of each repayment goes towards principal and interest, the outstanding loan balance at any given point in time, and the total interest over the life of the loan.

Different loan types include:
- Annuity: Regular fixed payments covering both principal and interest. The interest component is highest at the start of the loan and gradually decreases over time, whereas the principal component is smallest at the start and gradually increases. Mortgages are commonly structured as annuities.
- Fixed Principal: Equal principal repayments, with the interest payments decreasing over the life of the loan.
- Interest Only: Regular fixed interest payments, with the entire principal repaid as a lump sum at maturity.
- Zero-coupon: All payments of principal and interest are deferred until maturity.

The calculator also has the following customization options:
- Annual, bi-annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments
- Up to 5,200 instalments across 100 years
- Interest rate compounding frequencies, including annual, bi-annual, bi-monthly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly, daily 30/360 and daily actual/actual day count conventions
- Balloon repayments (i.e. lump sum principal repayment at maturity)
- Interest-free grace periods
- Principal repayment grace periods

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