Project Charter for Project Management // Planning Phase
Originally published: 09/06/2020 10:31
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Project Charter for Project Management // Planning Phase

Organize your project before launching it, and make sure you didn't miss any steps in your project's planning phase !

Project charter is a useful document to plan and define precisely the organisation of a project. We are here talking about the Planning Phase, which come after the initiating phase, so all the work about feasibility and business case is done. To help putting in place the project, here it is a template of project charter.

You will find :
-OKR, Delivrables and KPI section : to prepare the launch of your project, make sure that you have Objectives and Key Results to measure progress. It's an important section that will help you to motivate your team !

-General Roadmap section : to have an overview, even if it's blur, of your project's roadmap.

-Stakeholders section : to manage stakeholders, their involvement level and communication plan

-Budget section : to plan and follow up your budget

-Risks section : to prevent from obstacles and find solutions

-Ressources section : to organize your team, roles and tools which will be used

Some elements may will not fit to your project, but you can add other relevant sections or modify some of them freely ! Don't hesitate to comment on what can be improved or on what is good.

Thank you for downloading this template and let's get this project done !

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