M&A Process SellSide: 20 Slides Detailled Guide with Overview, Strategies and Key Moments
Originally published: 25/09/2019 07:19
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M&A Process SellSide: 20 Slides Detailled Guide with Overview, Strategies and Key Moments

A thorough overview of a Company's Sale Process with key phases, issues to consider, strategies and much more

A presentation prepared by experienced investment bankers to fellow advisors and business owners to provide understanding of the Sell Side Process. The document is a detailed walk through the entire process of selling a company. Includes information for the standard phases in the Sale process, with details for each activity in the phase. Four strategies are explored with their advantages and disadvantages based on considerations for publicity, industry and most logical buyer. Description of key issues to consider, expected duration of each phase and timeline of the process. Special focus is placed on the role of advisor at each step.

Suitable for business owners who consider selling their business to:
- Get an overall idea of the process
- Understand the details in each phase, what is important and why it is important
- Decide which strategy is most appropriate for the Sell Process of the specific Company
- Understand the timeline and critical points
- Consider hiring an advisor and know what to expect from the M&A advisor

Material available in both PDF and PowerPoint format, so you can easily copy and/or amend part of the text

Bonus: Two slides with Valuation Methods and Approaches

BIG Bonus: A corporate finance expert will answer one question by Private Message, please send your request via here: https://www.eloquens.com/channel/rositsa-chopeva

This Best Practice includes
1PDF File with 20 Slides Presentation

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Provide business owners with understanding of the process for selling a Company

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