Open Issue Issue Tracker
Originally published: 05/02/2020 14:33
Publication number: ELQ-26727-1
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Open Issue Issue Tracker

Open Issue Tracker - Multiple Uses - Maintenance/Guest/I.T./Accounting & Audit Issues

The Open Issue Tracker can benefit organizations with immediate results. The Open Issue Tracker organizes and prioritizes tasks. It tracks days that issues are outstanding, calculates the number pending issues by priority. The tracker can be used in a multitude of ways, including.

1). Open I.T. Issues.
2). Open Maintenance Issues (things that need to be fixed).
3). Pending Response Issues (such as things an Accounting Department might needing documents or customer questions from the Sales Department).
4). To Do's for Restaurants (such as clearing Health Code violations and correcting safety issues).
5). Marketing and Sales (such as building advertising and promotion material).
6). Human Resources ( tracking training or missing document issues).
7). Guest and Customer Satisfaction (resolving issues).
8). Internal Audit Issues (resolving issues discovered in internal audits).
9). Risk Management (define and resolve issues to minimize property, customer and employee safety).
10). Fixed Asset Protection (define and resolve issues pertaining to the maintenance and protection of fixed assets).
11). Project Management (define and set into motion tasks needed to complete projects).
12). Support Tickets (use for responding to customer issues, incident issues, and request inquiries).

The Open Issue Tracker provides transparency of issues and provides the data for measuring efficiency for resolution.

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