Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model
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Complete Stock Analysis Excel Model

Complete Stock Analysis ( Quality and Quantity)

This tool is designed to make a comprehensive analysis of a company. This tool values the company not as a whole but divides it into separate parts and works on the technique of "sum of the parts".

This considers filters known as C1 (Qualitative analysis) and C2 (Quantitative analysis).

New Car - Bad Driver - Definitely there will be an accident.
Old Car - Good Driver - Definitely you will reach the destination."

Fundamental Analysis of any company starts with 'quality analysis' followed by 'quantity analysis' Quality analysis of any company is more subjective however quantity analysis is more objective and numeric.

Everyone says see the management but nobody talks about how to see the management. We will analyse the management as a whole not in a very concentrated way. Which means we will divide the management into many small parts and then will use the method of 'sum of the part' . So let us discuss how to watch management.

There are so many parameters which an investor can look before an investment. But there are few key parameters which he will be required for every company if he goes for equity investment.
1. Shareholding patterns.
2. Company research and development.
3. Patents Copyright.
4. Face value.
5. Volume
6. Awards Recognition.
7. Dividend payout ratio.
8. Related party transactions.
9. Mission and Vision
10. Joint venture, Associates and subsidiaries.
11. Technology Absorption.
12. Human Resource Development.
13. Product Portfolio.
14. Pending taxes and litigation.
15. Corporate Governance.
16. CSR.

After that we moves to the second type of analysis i.e Quantity analysis to check the performance of the company. For valuation i have used two method one is DCF and second one is expected return model.

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  • Anujay Singh Negi
    How to upload data in this excel sheet ? Can it be done online through finance websites ?
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    • Jatin Goel
      Yes. You can upload data either with money control (if learning is your purpose) or annual report (if real investment is your purpose) there are 4 sheets in the last where you will fill data i.e. Balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flows and outstanding shares. Rest is auto calculated with ratios and other tests..
      arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
      • Anujay Singh Negi
        will i have to enter data manually??? or it will automatically take from moneycontrol??
        arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
        • Jatin Goel
          For management check you need to fill manually as it is subjective and for quantity analysis you need to copy the entire data and paste it. I have applied vlookup formula in excel wherever whatever is required it will take care of.
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