Sales Leader's Guide to KPIs
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Originally published: 23/02/2017 10:18
Last version published: 25/04/2017 16:04
Publication number: ELQ-26193-3
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Sales Leader's Guide to KPIs

Various sales KPIs and other metrics in a sales dashboard to keep your sales team on top of its game.


The following 11 page guide gives an insight into a number of sales KPIs as well as sales dashboard examples.

The aim to these KPIs is to develop a data-driven culture for your sales department to be on top of its game.

The guide lists a number of KPIs, with descriptions as well as tips on why they should be used. Beside them, there are pictures to give you a sample visualization on what they would look like on a dashboard.

The last section addresses different types of sales dashboards. It gives both a description on what they are designed for, additionally to an illustration on what they look like.

This is a part of the 4 series of tools on Dashboards and KPIs developed by Klipfolio. Have a look through the catalog to find:


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