E-commerce Retail B2B – Financial Model
Originally published: 13/04/2020 09:40
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E-commerce Retail B2B – Financial Model

The E-commerce B2B Financial Model. Perfect for Startups with all relevant inputs and tables.

Are you thinking to start Retail B2B E-Commerce and don’t want to consider any expensive Financial Model and hire a Financial Analyst? We built and maintained this extremely useful E-commerce Retail B2B financial model that gives you a highly customized, integrated, and scalable forecast. The E-commerce Retail B2B financial model allows you to quickly change the most important assumptions of external factors that influence the development of your enterprise and the changes will automatically reflect in all positions of the E-commerce Retail B2B financial model. A quick analysis of different scenarios helps you adjust your plans depending on the situation.

Business Models

The E-commerce Retail B2B – Financial Model is built with extensive business model research. We have researched and taken every factor into account. We researched the type of inputs, expenses, growth rate, and other financial factors. The model is based on the data collected from the following businesses:

Alibaba, Aliexpress, Amazon

The model will help you to
– Develop Sales Strategy
– Diagnose Issues
– Forecast Cash flows for 5 years
– Calculate Start-Up Cost
– Calculate Utilization of Funds
– Control over Business
– Set Goals
– Do Financial and Business Planning
– Create Investor Deck

Financial Model Highlights
– Dynamic
– Revenue Model

– Commission on Sales, membership, transportation, warehousing and clearing fees
– Cost Model – Editable Inputs
– Revenue Assumptions
– Income Statement
– Cashflow Analysis

– NPV, IRR, ROI Analysis
– Fixed Assets Register
– Startup Cost Analy
–Break-even Analysis
–Sensitivity Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis

Specially developed for e-Commerce Software

Yes, the model is specially developed for the online E-commerce Retail B2B business. The model contains assumptions and projections for income Statements, Balance sheet, and Cashflows, as well as detailed projections for different cost groups, e.g. salaries, operating expenses, revenues, financial statements, and sensitivity analysis at different prices and discount rates. These detailed projections are logically divided into different Sheets.

Who this is for?

Are you building an online E-commerce Retail B2B company and do you need a detailed financial model to understand every financial aspect of your business. Then this E-commerce Retail B2B financial model is for all online E-commerce Retail B2B businesses that also have a subscription. The model forecast three years period on a monthly and yearly basis.

Key Features

The right timeline – 60 months of forecasting with 5 yearly summaries

Receivable and Payable days – Manual and automated forecasting receivables and payables. Since most E-commerce Retail B2B businesses are based on credit card and credit purchases we have designed the model in such a way that it will accommodate the receivables and payables according to the inputs.

Expenses – Granular assumptions to rapidly forecast General & Admin, Research & Development and CAPEX expenses as well as analysis of expenses are done in a separate sheet.

Cohort approach – The E-commerce Retail B2B financial model is based on the cohort approach that you just need to input assumptions and who can see complete forecasting based on the inputs

Detailed KPIs – Full KPIs with dashboards.

Dashboards – E-commerce Retail B2B financial model contains dashboards and visuals that enable to user to quickly understand the complete financial positions of the company.

Financial statements provide a clear position of the business and specifically, the Income statement shows profitability, whereas the Cash flow statement shows the availability of cash. The balance sheet shows a full picture of the business at any given time.

Sensitivity analysis will help you play with different discount rates.

This Best Practice includes
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